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I'm the only one who writes on this blog. Except for that time Cheri let me link one of her posts. And that other time Maggie wrote a guest post for me.

But since for the most part this blog is an update of my personal life each week, it's usually just me writing my thoughts. Since I was sick last Sunday and still recovering on Monday, I happened to skip a week posting here, but I still had lots going on in my life. Once I was healthy enough to go to work, I heard about the amazing success our fundraiser event that is going to help sponsor several youth to come to Easter Camp was on Sunday last week. I realised yet again how beautiful it is to work on a team that can pull off events with or without me.

These past two weeks have had more than a few points where I was facilitating or participating in a team effort, and I was really struck by the value of the collaboration I get to have with people around me. One of the coolest collaborations is an art project using the Psalms that my friend who is new to the Bible is doing with me. We each read the same psalm, I write a poem, and she creates a graphic design inspired by it, and we share them with each other. This has been such a fun creative outlet, but also layers deep beautiful as we read Scripture carefully and have enriching conversations with each other about what we see.

Unsurprisingly, the Bible is relevant in many of my collaboration points, and it's humbling and exciting to be surrounded by so many people who are energised by the way the transforming power of Jesus is revealed through the Bible. I really have the best jobs in the world. I had check ins with both my regional and global team supervisors with TeachBeyond this week, and I was so encouraged by how both of these quality humans is committed to empowering me to follow God's call in my life to help young people encounter Jesus, be transformed, and thrive.

My work looks a lot different here in New Zealand than it did in Germany, but I can still see direct lines to how God is transforming lives and inviting me to be a part of that story in the lives of people around me. Stay tuned for exciting updates as my various collaborations gain traction.

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Feb 25

Poetry and art and the Psalms - a fine combination.

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