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Naaman's Prayer

2 Kings 5 is important context for this poem. Oh, and it'd be nice if I could walk again too.


The Israeli servant said,

Go to the prophet of YHWH.

There is a God who hears

who speaks

who heals.

I said,

Here are the prophets of Rimmon.

They have no ears

no voice

no power.

The prophet Elisha said,

Go to the Jordan River.

The LORD of Israel will make you clean.

I said,

Here I am of Syria.

Don't I have better rivers



My servants said,

We've come so far.

Will your pride keep you from washing

from victory

from community?

The LORD spoke;

He met me in the river.

He washed me clean of pride

of ignorance

oh, and leprosy.

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1 Comment

Aug 04, 2020

This morning i was praying for God to wash away my pride and ambition and serve Him only...

Much thanks for the context and reminder

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