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The Princess Tree

There's a weird tree growing outside of Riedlingen, so I wrote a poem about it. Chris and Emily told me I wouldn't embarrass myself if I posted it on the internet.


Blessed is the one

who is planted by

streams of water

Made for the island

some seeds were stolen

planted in darkness

Meant to be more

celebrating life and growth

Symbol of Unity

Rerooted in the forest

you were landlocked instead

still growing tall

Where others meant harm

your roots grew deep

as nature intended

When were you infected?

What did they do?

Innocence was lost.

It's not your fault

you can be redeemed

seasons are changing

Send your roots deeper

they will be cleaned

Symbol of Hope

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Aug 04, 2020

beautifully said.


Jul 19, 2020

A thoughtful poem. Can you post a picture of that tree?


Jul 19, 2020

Truly a mix of time and trauma blended in poetry....

I love see life through your poetry

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